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CopyWriting: AI based Text Generator for Marketing Content on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Shopify

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The AI Text Generator helps you to automatically create copywriting texts.

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The AI creates your new article text!
Artificial Intelligence does the copywriting for you!

The AI algorithms of UNAIQUE.NET are currently writing your individual content.
It takes about 5-15 Minutes to finalize your article.
For extensive articles, it can take up to 30 minutes.
Please be patient, it's worth it!


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The software based AI solution of UNAIQUE.NET offers you the following services:

  • The Artificial Intelligence performs automatic copywriting so that you don't have to rewrite or rewrite manually and save up to 3h time on average
  • Can be used in social media, blogs, podcasts and as support for automatic research of topics, for example in book marketing or product descriptions
  • Export of the contents as a Microsoft Office document in the easily editable .docx format (Feature coming soon)
  • Free API interface for the intelligent copywriter
  • We released PERL programming tools, software modules and source codes on CPAN for the PERL software library (cpan.org, metacpan.org)

In the field of marketing / e-commerce and business we often find the following problems that need to be solved:

  • users have no time
  • users need support in research for the creation of:
    1. books e.g. for book research and book marketing,
    2. Product descriptions in Ecommerce,
    3. Blog articles texts e.g. for your own WordPress blog,
    4. Texts and content for social media marketing e.g. for lead generation and acquisition of new customers,
    5. Podcasts for Youtube, Spotify, Apple and Soundcloud e.g. for branding as an influencer,
    6. Texts for scientific work at colleges or universities, e.g. for semester or final theses,
    7. Presentation of lectures at grammar school, secondary school, secondary modern school or vocational school e.g. in preparation for the Abitur/ A-Level

With the help of unaique.net's SaaS platform, Artificial Intelligence takes over two crucial tasks: it helps you research topics and performs automatic AI-based copywriting - saving you an average of 3 hours per task that you can productively use elsewhere. This 3 hours of time saving helps you to achieve your goals in ecommerce and marketing: you can increase visibility on your platform, generate more reach and take care of other aspects of your business - the automatic AI Copywriter makes all this possible.

Questions regarding Copywriting

  • What are copywriting skills? - Here we list the most important copywriting skillset: Strong writing skills, Communication skills, Technical skills, Creative thinking, Problem-solving skills, Research skills. These skills you should master if you want to become an expert in copywriting. Software solutions like www.unaique.net automate the time consuming process of copywriting.
  • Can copywriting make you rich? - The median annual salary of a copywriter is about $52,000 USD in the USA, according to Salary.com. Hourly rates range between 10 USD and 100 USD via Upwork. If you use autmated software like www.unaique.net you can speed up the manual process of copywriting.
  • How copywriting works? - If someone has experience in the digital marketing, content marketing, or online world they are very likley a copywriter. Copywriters who specialize in writing, creating, and publishing often release content for Blogs, Product descriptions, Ebooks or landing pages. They create marketing copy for a website or work with a SEO company to write their Posts, Blogs in Business, Sales or eCommerce.
  • How copywriting affects the business? - Copywriters must understand their niche for better quality work. They help your business to build your brand, Create value-driven content and create content in the mood, language and speaking of the audiences mind.
  • What copywriting niches are profitable? - The most profitable niches in copywriting currently are: Technical Copywriting, Ghostwriting, SEO Article, Magazine Content, Health and Fitness, Finance, Digital Marketing and Tech.
  • What copywriter do? - Copywriters are writing content for advertising to promote and sell services, goods and tools/software. A copywriter might create a jingle for a commercial TV.
  • Why copywriting is good? - Copywriting drives sales and actions from customers. It allows you to build trust and authority in the eyes of your current and future consumer. It convinces your audience to buy your product. There are three kinds of copywriting a. Convincing copywriting (to convince someone), b. Informative copywriting (giving information about product or service), c. Sales copywriting (drive sales and make your audience buy your product).
  • Will copywriting be automated? - The process of copywriting can currently be automated. Copywriters are allowed to use AI-driven Software like www.unaique.net or www.artikelschreiber.com to help during the time consuming process of copywriting. This Software helps with research, structuring content and creating a sensefull and meaningful article text.
  • Is copywriting legal? - A copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to copy and distribute a creative work, usually for a limited time. If such work is used to create a completley new and unique new work that cannot be compaired with the original work, this seems legal. Please consult your legal advisor to get this question fully covered.
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