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AI Text Generator for CopyWriting

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The AI Text Generator helps you to automatically create copywriting texts.

The software based AI solution of UNAIQUE.NET offers you the following services:

  • The Artificial Intelligence performs automatic copywriting so that you don't have to rewrite or rewrite manually and save up to 3h time on average
  • Can be used in social media, blogs, podcasts and as support for automatic research of topics, for example in book marketing or product descriptions
  • Export of the contents as a Microsoft Office document in the easily editable .docx format (Feature coming soon)
  • Free API interface for the intelligent copywriter

In the field of marketing / e-commerce and business we often find the following problems that need to be solved:

  • users have no time
  • users need support in research for the creation of:
    1. books e.g. for book research and book marketing,
    2. Product descriptions in Ecommerce,
    3. Blog articles texts e.g. for your own WordPress blog,
    4. Podcasts for Youtube, Spotify, Apple and Soundcloud e.g. for branding as an influencer,
    5. Presentation of lectures at grammar school, secondary school, secondary modern school or vocational school e.g. in preparation for the Abitur/ A-Level

With the help of unaique.net's SaaS platform, Artificial Intelligence takes over two crucial tasks: it helps you research topics and performs automatic AI-based copywriting - saving you an average of 3 hours per task that you can productively use elsewhere. This 3 hours of time saving helps you to achieve your goals in ecommerce and marketing: you can increase visibility on your platform, generate more reach and take care of other aspects of your business - the automatic AI Copywriter makes all this possible.

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